Building today for Pakistan’s future.

Oraan PTE LTD is focused on preparing Pakistan to compete in a hyper-competitive technology-centric global economy.


Futureproofing Pakistan's finance sector.

We are a group of motivated individuals who believe Pakistan's 207M population is poised to play a significant role in the global economy. We are focused on playing a role in shaping the future of Pakistan's digital ecosystem, with fintech at the center of our efforts.

Strategic Areas of Interest in the Financial Sector:

  • Infrastructure
  • Payments
  • Investments
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Branchless Banking
  • Marketplace

Pakistan, 100%

Our mantra is to make financial services ubiquitous and we endeavour to simplify banking and finance for the masses through leveraging the confluence of cutting edge technologies, data-driven decision making and user centric design. When we put our developers, designers, and business leaders in a room, exciting things happen. We push limits; we challenge what is deemed as standard. And we engineer web and mobile experiences that exceed expectations, delighting people as a result and driving adoption. And we do all of this in a work environment that embodies hard work, respect and intelligence.